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Shaya Solen’s walk home from school takes her past an eerie pond, where one day she finds an old bracelet made of raven feathers. Soon, strange events begin to unfold: a shadowy figure glimpsed across the water, ominous nightmares haunting Shaya, and rumors of a witch who once drowned in the pond. With the discovery of a strange family connection to the witch, Shaya is drawn into a mystery that must be solved before the approaching Halloween, which is the thirteenth anniversary of the witch’s death – and Shaya’s birthday.

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My Thoughts:
When I started this book, I thought perhaps it might be to young of a YA Fiction for me, but to my great surprise I was very wrong. I really enjoyed this book very much, in fact I loved it!!!  I just love it when I am contacted to read/review books, and often going into the book I am not sure what to expect and sometimes wonder if this type of book will be to young for me to read and enjoy, I love it when I am proven wrong, and with Jodi's book I was very much proven wrong. 

I really liked Shaya's character, she is sweet and very intelligent for a main character that is only twelve. She is a strong young lady taking matters into her own hands to solve a mystery. When Shaya and her brother Dev were walking home through the woods they come across a bracelet made of feathers which soon she will find out it once belonged to a witch that died in the pond in the woods some 20-years ago. Shaya wants to throw it back but Dev brings it home.  That same very night very strange things start happening, even her brother Dev starts getting sick and the Doctors can't figure out why he is sick, it's up to Shaya to figure out what is going on before they loose her brother Dev.  With her mom always getting yelled at and taking her brothers side, Shaya defy's her mom and pushes ahead to figure out the truth. 

Once Shaya starts digging into the past she finds out some interesting things, now I'm not going to say what, that would only ruin the story for you, but I will say I really liked the the old man and his dog that was introduced to the story, I really liked him and pay close attention to the part the dog plays it's important. 

Over all this is a fantastic story, the characters are perfectly developed and fit together perfect, Shaya might fight with her brother all the time Dev, but, you can clearly see her love for him at the same time.  

The story line was played out very well, I love the details Jodi uses to create and set up the creepiness you feel as your reading the book,  I loved the mystery and the suspense that kept you turning the pages, I couldn't turn them quickly enough, but, I had to slow down so I didn't miss any details at the same time. It reminded me of the new Paranormal Activity movies, kept you watching, kept you on the edge of your seat, and with out any notice WHAM something came at you and scared the bejesus out of you. I hope you will all pick up your copy of this fantastic book and enjoy reading it as much as I did.  Enjoy!!!

If you go to Jodi's website there are book extra's and pictures that you must see, they compliment the book very well. I loved going and looking at the pictures, you could get a better visual picture in your mind.

Jody Kihara is hosting a facebook contest on her page to win 5 copies of her book - White Witch Pond. All you have to do is leave a comment on the giveaway post on her facebook and you are entered. Good luck winning a copy of the awesome book!!!!!

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