Sunday, October 16, 2011

Review of Wired by Martha Carr

Will the truth set you free or get you killed?
Mary Elizabeth and Charlie’s marriage is fading away as Charlie tries to just get along and Mary Elizabeth struggles not to disappear completely. A murdered teenager is discovered at the local teenage hangout on a bluff high above main street bringing back memories to Mary Elizabeth that she would rather forget but may hold the key to saving an entire town. But when the bodies keep popping up everyone must struggle with feelings of guilt, shame and redemption.

“Every bit as good as Mary Higgins Clark’s highly successful novels of psychological suspense. Suspenseful and entertaining” The Chattanooga Free Press

“From page one through the last chapter Carr takes the reader on a quick-paced and easy-flowing tour of murder, suspense and steamy romance. Be prepared to stay up past your bedtime with this one.” Library Journal.

My Thoughts:
Well now, I love a good mystery/suspense novel and most I have read so far have been pretty good, some even GREAT, but it takes a great plot and characters to make a GREAT mystery/suspense.  Dean Koontz is one my all time favorite and I have to say this novel is right up there with any of Dean Koontz's novels. 

Martha Carr's writing style is superb, from creating a cast of characters you will be able to relate to, almost hate but them empathize with in the end. I really like Charlie and their son Matthew.  I was amazed at how the author was able to give us so many different perspectives of the characters without being lost and confused, but she made it work.  It was a fast action book with romance scenes that you knew were sexual without going overboard to the point of too graphic, it let our own imagination take each one of us where WE wanted to go with it. This novel pulled you right in from the very first chapter and would NOT let you go until the very last page, I will be in line for her next book guaranteed, It gave me a battery of emotions going through this book, and just when you think you have it all figured out, no way, the author throws at you a curve to throw you off the track and make you think its someone different than what you thought. It's twists and turns and around and around and not once getting lost, I am very in awe at how she did this and wove a fantastic story at the same time. It's suspense, dark, intense with the right amount of chills.  

I recommend this book to EVERYONE it is a fantastic book and you will be missing out if you don't grab your copy to read, I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.  Enjoy!!

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  1. Wow Nattie! Thank you so much - love Dean Koontz too! If you get a moment can you leave this review at GoodReads, B&N and Amazon? A GREAT review like this needs to get spread around.

  2. Thank you Martha, I am so happy you liked it, it was a great pleasure to read, love Dean Koontz as well one of my favorite's. I have posted to Goodreads but will get on over to Amazon and I will try B&N as well, I haven't bought anything from them so I might not be able to but I will try. :)

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