Monday, April 18, 2011

30 Day Book Challenge (posted on facebook)

Hi Everyone, This is my first time doing this and I hope I have done it right, I have this posted and linked with another bloggers facebook page, please feel free to join in and have fun with it. :)

Day 1. Favorite book of all time.
Day 2. Your least favorite book of all time.
Day 3. Your favorite book to recommend to friends.
Day 4. A book you lent out once, and never got back and miss.
Day 5. A book that you've read the most times.
Day 6. A book you couldn't finish or struggle to.
Day 7. A book that reminds you of somewhere.
Day 8. The book you can quote best.
Day 9. A book you read when you feel down.
Day 10. A book you always meant to have read and never got around to it.
Day 11. Your favorite book that has been made into a film.
Day 12. A book you think should be made into a film.
Day 13. A book that disturbed you.
Day 14. An Author of a book you just don't get.
Day 15. A book where you wish you were one of the characters.
Day 16. A book that is guilty pleasure.
Day 17. The most over hyped book you ever read.
Day 18. A book you have that belongs to someone else.
Day 19. The most romantic book you've ever read.
Day 20. The saddest or emotive book you'be ever read.
Day 21. The book that made you look at life in a different way.
Day 22. A book you wish was real life.
Day 23. Your favorite book by a Non-British Author.
Day 24. Your favorite book as a child.
Day 25. Your favorite book of last year.
Day 26. A book you honestly read in one sitting.
Day 27. Your favorite Non-fiction book.
Day 28. Your favorite auto-biographical book.
Day 29. Your favorite series of books.
Day 30. The book by your bed right now.

Have fun with it and maybe we all will find a new book to read though this challenge. Happy reading everyone. :)