Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Beasts series by Leanore Elliott Guest Post

'Wicked' Leanore Elliott will introduce you to somesexy heroes!
'An Erotic Epiphany'
"Because baby, this beast is all man!"
{Review Line from Close Encounters Of the Night Kind.)

The three Beasts Books were for me, as a writer? An Erotic Epiphany. I started out with an idea: A psychic who has grisly visions of serial killers. She meets a rebel Homicide detective and they partner up, to track and stop the killers.
Great premise, right? Well, about chapter two? The story took a turn and it felt like someone else took the wheel from me, driving me to an amazing plane no one had ever seen before!
'The story wrote itself', some authors say. I never knew what they meant until the day a whole new paranormal world opened up before my startled eyes!
I went to the net, with a heart pounding excitement and researched this premise. To my surprise, Low and Behold: there was the legend, in 10 different parts of the world. The very legend my story was weaving!
I typed out three of these fantastic tales as fast as my fingers could move on the keyboard. (I went through two key boards while doing it) My family thought they had certainly lost me to some place they could not even understand.
In just 3 months time? I had three full beasts' novels.
You as the reader will be stunned, as stunned as I was. These beasts are also Hot, Hungry and like no other characters you will read in the paranormal genre.
BEASTS~The Eyes Of Constance/Erotic Suspense
Constance, a psychic who has visions of Serial Killers. 
Jack, a rebel cop who will break every law to stop these killers.
They meet at a bloody scene of a murder, and team up to track some of the most deadly fiends in existence.
After three years together as partners, is there something even more sinister, which Constance cannot see? What will she find, when she finally comes face to face with the Beasts of Forever?

'The tale begins one way and takes you to a world that you never knew existed.'—PRG Reviews
---'I don't think we are in Kansas anymore.'—Lovestodive Amazon Review
---'If you like hot, erotic romance, this is a must read.'—Karen Fuller, Amazon Review
'Leanore Elliott created a completely different set of characters, unlike any that I have ever read about.' Paranormal Kiss Reviews
70, 763 words / Full Novel

BEASTS~A Different Life/ Erotic Fantasy-Mystery
Damon has chased Alex across the cosmos for five long years and he won't stop, until he has her back with him.
Alex lives a quiet life, a dull life really, until Damon appears and turns her world inside out. She is so drawn to him, but his story of who she is and what he says she is? It is too fantastic to believe...
"It's a roller coaster ride of hope, frustration, despair, and joy. A ride that is totally addicting! The sex scenes are steaming hot! Especially if you like dominant alpha men and floating fantasies. Because baby, this beast is all man! I enjoyed this book tremendously and now must go back and read book one!"—C&R Romance eBook Reviews 

A full Novel at 55,000 words

BEASTS~King Of Vengeance/ Erotic Suspense
Victor Payne is the Hurt Legend of the LA detective squad. A swaggering, break the rules type of cop with a bust record no one else can touch.
Valentine is a by the book Malibu detective who follows procedure to the letter.
They are forced to work the Malibu Slasher case together. The killer is a woman with a beastly way of dispatching her male victims.
Will they pay a price for a love cast from vengeance?
"Different and intriguing..."— Paranormal Kiss Review
"An erotic masterpiece!"— Forbidden Passion Reviews
"Hot, Sexy , Twists and Turns!"—PRG Reviews
69,000 words— A full Novel

The link to see the Beasts at home click here:

All Three are available for 99cents at Nook, Kindle & 1Place For Romance

I will be doing a review for one of Leanore's books very soon, I hope you all stay tuned. :)


  1. Excellent..Excellent post!! She has some delightfully sinsational novels!! Lol!!

  2. Hi Leanore!! You're series sounds amazing. I have put them on my TBR list...getting a tablet for Christmas, so I'm going to buy them then. I wish you loads of success with your writing!!!

    Your new friend and fan,

    Daisy "Giter" Dunn (LOL)

  3. hi Nattie! thank you for introducing me to Leanore and her books. your enthusiasm is contagious. i look forward to reading your reviews. c",)

  4. @Nikki, I cannot wait to read and post my review for her books, the covers are amazing and what a nice lady to chat and work with :) I hope you pick up your copy I think it's gonna be great ;)

    @Daisy, stay tuned for my review coming soon and maybe a giveaway....;) ya just never know :) Thanks for dropping by and commenting.

    @C" Hi C", your most welcome, so far I love her books, my review is coming soon she makes my enthusiasm over flow, Leanore is an awesome person/author. Stay tuned for my review. :)


  5. I'm so overwhelmed by the compliments. Now if my book was so-so? Wicked would be shaking in her thigh-high leather boots, right about now. LOL But these beasts stories are worth the read and the sweating bullets. ;}
    Thanks for all the awesome commenting. I'm hoping more readers will show up, so I can come back and bask in this gorgeous purple glow Natalie has going on here.

  6. oooooo... I am very intrigued now!!! New paranormal creatures??? Right on!!!

  7. Oh, wow! Natalie, this is Brindle Chase. 'He' writes Erotic paranormal books too! Very hot ones, his excerpts made me flush something fierce! I am a fan!
    Thank you for coming to see me, sitting in The Purple Jelly Bean Chair, Brindle!

  8. Hi Bonnie Lea
    *waving at you*
    You know that I love your, I mean, Leanore's books :)


  9. Thank you, Dani!I also thank you for making my Muse Leanore feel good as well, lol.

  10. Wicked Leanore -
    Stoping in to say 'Hi'.
    If you all haven't had a chance to read her BEASTS series (or any of her other fab books), I can tell you that you won't be disappoined. These are wonderful, unique & hot stories (fans self)!

    Lea Ellen {night owl in IL}

  11. Wicked Leonore will keep on the edge of your seat, in more ways than one. Love the books.

  12. @ Wicked Leanore, I'm glad you are enjoying the purple glow and I hope the purple jelly bean chair is comfortable enough :)

    @Thank you for stopping in for a visit, if you would like to do some work together please let me know, I would love to read an Erotic Paranormal written by a man, it's not often I see it happen, usually they are written by women, It would be a pleasure to work with you. Let me know. :)

    @Daniela, thank you so much for stopping in for a visit and your kind comment. :) Please stop by anytime.

    @nightowlinil, I am starting the first book now, It was down on my list by a few weeks, but after reading all the wonderful comments I am starting to read it now :) My review will be up very soon. I am very excited.

    @loves to dive, thank you for visiting and your lovely comments, I cannot wait, please stop by anytime love having visitors.


  13. This spot was so nice and the Jelly Bean Chair fit so well!Why it even held my chubby, little tush in place for a change.
    What a great girl you are.
    Yes, remember I do have 10 novels and I am always ready for a spot,review, giveaway or just a good ole' hello!
    Thank you so much for this wonderful opportunity. Oh, and you did not know this, but Purple is also my fave color. It is the color of royalty and you have treated me thus. (Chuckle)

  14. You are most welcome Leanore, and Im glad you liked my over sized purple jelly bean chair, I can see you and I will be doing lots of work together, I enjoy very much having you here with me, it's been so much fun. I did not know Purple was your fave color, I think that's very cool, and I happy you have been happy and comfortable here as well. :) I am looking forward to our next venture.