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A Murder of Crows Review: David Rotenberg

Since Decker Roberts’ last run in with the NSA, he’s been trying to remain off the radar, searching for his estranged son. His synaesthetic abilities, once a lucrative gift, are increasingly becoming a liability.

When a vicious attack wipes out the best and brightest of America’s young minds, devastating the country’s future, Decker is forced to step out of the shadows and help track down the killer. And as the hunt brings him in contact with other people of “his kind,” Decker begins to realize that there may be depths to his gifts that he had never even imagined.

Meanwhile, several parties are secretly tracking the progress of Decker’s son, Seth, trying to determine if he has the same unique gift as his father. Decker is determined to go to any lengths to find his son, but along the way he will have to face down enemies, both old and new, as well as struggle with whether his son even wants to be found.

David Rotenberg’s thrilling sequel to The Placebo Effect is full of suspense, and will challenge what you think you know about people who have special “gifts.” From rural Africa to downtown Toronto, the paths of Rotenberg’s colorful characters intertwine as they move towards a conclusion that none of them can see coming.
My Thoughts:
I will first remind everyone A Murder of Crows is the sequel to The Placebo Effect and I have added my first review to keep everyone up to speed.

The Placebo Effect Review:
I get stuck from time to time when I'm reading. Sometimes I can't seem to get enough romance, then I start reading paranormal and can't seem to get enough of that genre, right now I seem to be stuck with mystery, with each mystery/suspense/thriller novel they seem to keep getting better and better. David Rotenberg has a written a great novel, it captured my interest right away, from the very first chapter and I couldn't seem to put it down until I had closed the back cover. 

I was provided by Simon & Schuster an ARC copy of this book and after I read it I was so impressed with it I emailed Simon & Schuster and asked could I do an interview with David Rotenberg which you can read after my review. I really thought it was fantastic as David is a Canadian author and I myself am Canadian living in Nova Scotia, it's so cool when reading a Canadian author and being able to say, "hey I've been there", or I know where that is" and you can picture that particular place in your mind, it puts a whole new perspective on reading that book. 
Decker is a Synaesthesia, who is a person who has the ability to see if someone is telling him the truth, imagine if we could actually do that, see who is lying to you or not that would be awesome, but poor Decker has tons of people after him because of him having this ability, they all want to know how, why, who else got it. This is a fantastic novel that takes you on a roller coaster ride with twists and turns you will not see coming and just when you think you have it figured out, oh no you don't lol, it's very fast paced, well written, unique thriller with a cast of characters that fit very well together, and the Canadian jokes and humor was great for me. I liked David's style of writing, I really am looking forward to reading the second book in this new series. 

A Murder of Crows Review: 
I had to go back before I read A Murder of Crows to refresh my memory of the first book The Placebo Effect as it had been a long time since I had read it, it didn't take me long to pick up and remember such a well written book, so on to the second I went. Like the first book it didn't take me long to get myself engrosed into this book either, Mr. Rotenburg has a way of drawing you in and keeping you there along for the ride right from the very first page. 

Decker Roberts has Synaesthete's abilities, synaesthete's is a person who has the ability to see if someone is telling the truth, what a gift to have I'm not sure if I would want that gift or not, would it be a burden? Well Decker has it and now a new deadly game is afoote.  America has some of the best young minds and they are being murdered, now if that was the only problem Decker has it gets worse, he needs to find his estranged son before the others find him. 

As with his first book Mr. Rotenburg has again captured my attention with this incredible well written book, the story line, the plot, the characters are all woven like a perfect web you get caught in while reading. I have really enjoyed his style of writing, very smooth and the story flows nicely as you switch from scene to scene, some books that do this I sometimes have to go back feeling I missed something, but that is not the case here it flows, with great twists and turns and an ending I DID NOT see coming I am waiting for the third book in this series, and as a fellow Canadian it is a bit more special to read places I have seen. This is not my usual genre of reading but I always love going outside of my comfort zone and finding a gem when I do. A must read series and bravo Mr. Rotenburg I can't wait for the next book. 

I must apologize for my late review, I was supposed to have this out March 7th for Mr. Rotenburg's tour with Simon & Schuster but I was very sick with pnemonia and I am very sorry this is so late. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did, please check out the trailer for A Murder of Crows. You can also find Mr. Rotenburg at these links.  

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