Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Review for Paradox - Equilibrium book 4 by Patti Roberts

Paradox - Equilibrium book 4 By Patti Roberts  
For years, the truth has been concealed from Grace, masked cleverly by coercion, denial and fanciful stories. She'd always felt that there was a part of her that didn't resonate with this world, as if she were a square block in a round hole. When her father died, it was her mother's unconditional love, Wade's fatherly presence, and Angela, Grace's quirky neighbor that gave her strength. United, they were her beacon, the lighthouse that guided her in from the storm. That was until she learned the truth … And the truth, Grace discovered, regardless of what she'd been told, does not always set you free.

Make no mistake, the Grigori is the Original Vampire, and regardless of what you believe, they are here, walking among us, and they intent to stay.

My Thoughts:

Well first off I have to say it's good to be back, I know I haven't written here for quite some time and I am very glad to be getting back to what I love the most, reading and telling all of you of the wonderful books I have read and I'm so excited to get started with book 4 of this amazing series I have been telling you about since I first started my blog.  As most of you know when I started my blog Patti Roberts was one of the very first authors that gave me her first book Paradox - The Angels Are Here as an ARC for a review. It was at that moment I fell in love with it and have been beating down Patti's virtual door for the past 3 years now for each new installment of the series, I'm sure she's just about had enough of me bugging her lol, but, if she didn't write some of the most awesome books I wouldn't keep bugging her asking her "are ya done yet'? "are ya done yet:? "Seriously, no pressure but when are you going to be done with the next book"? And as punishment she sends me a chapter lol, and cliffhangers, oh how she leaves me with jaw on the floor cliffhangers. 

Each new book brings this story together just a bit more than the last book did and answers questions you have at the end of each previous book, I really like how Patti does that. Some authors have a great start to a series and end on a great cliffhanger but when the second book comes out it does not pick up where it left off and leaves you confused until half way through and by that time it's just lost me and I give up reading it. Patti has you hanging on the edge of your seat when you leave and still has you hanging on when you start the next book, it's like a great T.V. series and the season ending has just closed with a jaw dropper and you can't wait until the new season begins. 

We start off action packed and raring to go, Grace is now older and getting smarter to her legacy and abilities.  All characters return which I was so happy to see, but even more happy to see Patti is now having them share their stories as to who they really are and how and why they are important to Grace and where and how they fit into her life.  Wade *drooling* (my hubby) is hotter and stronger than ever. Kate (Katherine) just plain cracked me up, you will see why when you read the book, I can't say much more or I'll give out spoilers.  Patti's growth astounds me with each book I read from her, the shear talent she has for building such a unique world, from the Grigori to the Bakhna Rakhna people to the Atnangkers. The detail is incredible, so much detail Patti gives us, but not so much that you get overwhelmed and want to put the book away. It lets your imagination see and feel what she is describing to you.   

I don't usually rate but I have to give this one 5 purple stars as it is in my opinion the best one so far of this awesome series. It a ride from page one all the way to the very end with a cliffhanger that I absolutely did not see coming, Patti's book are very unpredictable and I love that in a great book. The story flows seamlessly, the characters you will fall in love with, the good ones and the bad ones, twists and turns that keep you turning the page and impossible to put the book down until your done, heart pounding moments that will having you gasping, moments that will tear you up, make you laugh out loud, and just sit and read while smiling. I hope you all will go get your copy and start reading this amazing book, enjoy everyone I know I sure did!!!

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  1. thank you for your always detailed review, Natalie. Book five in the series will be out at end of 2014.... In the meantime, get your teeth stuck into the Witchwood Estate series :) Patti xx <3

  2. Paradox - Equilibrium book 4 by Patti Roberts is great book and you did a nice review of it.