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Paradox - Bound By Blood Paradox Series book 3 by Patti Roberts

Love is not counted in years - Love is counted in heartbeats
Love is not bound by distance - Love is bound by blood
In the Ancient World - In the New World - Love will prevail
Some will kill for love — Some will die for love
Some will love until it hurts

Ella Medler: "Paradox is not a story in a place - it is the
legend of a whole world."

Excerpt from Book 3
The hands on a clock never falter, not for a second. One day ends, and a new one begins. If there is one thing on this earth that could be counted on, it is that. Time never pauses to mourn the dead. That particular privilege is allotted to the living. It is for the survivor to mourn, bury the dead, and leave the rest to the earth. That is the way of it – the way of death - and the misery it leaves behind.
My Thoughts: 
After reading the third installment of this series I am left speechless, truly, but for all of you I will try very hard to put into words what I want to say about this novel.  I guess I'm speechless (which never happens lol) because this was such an incredible book, I have loved this series right from the very first book where I fell in love with everything about it, and with each book Patti puts out my love for this series grows.  The only problem is, with each book I get I read it too fast and end up having to wait 8-9 months for the next installment.

What do I do in between them you ask, well usually I email Patti harrassing her to write faster so I can get my hands on the next one :) and to drive me crazy she will now and again email me an excerpt, I guess thats payback for bugging her to write faster lol, but I do tell Patti that if she didn't write such amazing books I wouldn't be in withdrawls for the next one!!

In book #2 Patti leaves us with a cliffhanger that left my mouth hanging open and after much anticipation book #3 opens with a bang, right where we left off at Grace's Masquarade Ball at her school.  She and Riley had gone as Guinevere and King Arthur, when Grace slips away to find Dameon and all hell breaks loose and the last thing she remembers is jumping off of a cliff and thinking she is about to die.  Only to wake up in bed the next morning, it must have been a nightmare....wasn't it?

Like I said book #3 opened with a bang!!  I was very happy to see some of my favorite characters back, Angela, Zach, Clair, Sonndra, Riley, and Josh.  If someone asked me which is my favorite character, I don't think I could pick just one, Patti has made it impossible to choose just one, each one of them has something special that I like, but, all of them together make one hellva team, Patti's characters good and evil blend and work together in a way you would think not possible but they do.  It's seamless they way she's blended both worlds, and those that haven't read this one or the whole series yet are in for a special treat.

Book 1 at the end offered its own set of hanging question and were answered when book 2 came out and we got a bit of a closer look at The Grigori, the Fallen Dark Angels, and again the ending offered more of its own hanging questions, but that is what a great series is all about leaving you hanging with tons of questions you just can't wait until the next book comes out to have the long awaited answers. With book 3 our questions were answered and with it we dive deep into the family Grigori and the other families that make up the other realm, we get much more of their story told and with that story many pieces of this wonderful puzzle Patti has designed fall into place.

I'am absolutely amazed at how this series has unfolded, sometimes when Authors flip back and forth from world to world and time period to time period it can become confusing and I have found myself flipping back and forth trying to remember what I had read from a few chapters back, but with this series Patti has been able to tell so many different stories, world to world, time period to time period with out missing a beat and without confusing me at all, and found my self turning the pages as fast as I could to get to the next part and had to slow down so I didn't miss anything it's so detailed. Oh the details, beautifully told so magical everything described made me feel like I was right in the story. It reminds me of a V.C. Andrews series where she gives you the story in the first 2-3 books and then in the 4th or last installment gives us the whole story from way back, how things come to be even before the original story happened a "full circle" so to speak, but with the ending of this book I have no doubt Patti is finished yet......I hope not!!!

I love books, all books for the most part there are some I just won't read because it's not my thing, but, then their are some books where I fall in love with them, the characters, the story, the plot and how it's played out, how the story is told the writing and when it's done I have bonded so much with the story and it's characters I feel well lost without them, the story is over now what? But the good thing is I know another installment is coming so for now I can rest easy it's not over quite yet. I have said with each review how talented I think Patti is, but with each book I see her talent growing as a writer, as an Author but more importantly as a phemonial story teller with great vision and an amazing imagination. You have to have an imagination to be able to produce such a top notch story like this one, it's just mind blowing.

Not only has Patti created these amazing two worlds she has taken that extra step and designed everything to visually build and support which in my opinion only genious, not only do we get to imagine these incredible worlds but we get to see how Patti see's what she has created. With most books we don't get to see that until much later, when the series is done and years later its made into a movie. Patti has created all of this and keeping in time with each book as it comes out. Here are some pictures of what some of the cast looks like.

If you haven't read book 3 yet it's a real must read and if you haven't started reading this series yet......welllll you are missing out on a spetacular series of books. Im not going to say too much more so I don't spoil anything for you all. Visit Patti's website here to see more of the worlds that have been masterfully created. I can't wait to see what Patti has in store for us next!!!!!http://theangelsarehere.wordpress.com Patti has gracouslly offered to do a giveaway with us, she is offering 3 print versions and 3 ebook versions, so here are the rules:

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That's it not too hard oh and leave us a comment with your email address so when we announce the winner I can email them back, I will announce the winner just after christmas. Good Luck to everyone!!!!

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