Sunday, September 30, 2012

Blood Magic: The Draven Witch Series Book 1 by Zoey Sweete

A witch/vampire hybrid, Renee Draven was sent to fulfill her destiny. Hell-bent on destroying the Evil One that has tormented and defiled her lineage for centuries, she must take back the power that was stolen long ago. Racing against time to destroy the darkness that threatens her life and those she loves. She must confront her demons. Losing faith in herself, and her power, she stumbles across William Angelo, the one she was said to bring home and save. While on her dark journey she must find Dante Angelo, his blood is the key to awakening her vampire side and defeating Damaskeos. Struggling to stay alive, she is torn between wanting a normal life and her duties, Renee must learn to believe in herself and the magic that flows through her blood, if she is to save the lives of those she loves. Will she find the strength to defeat Damaskeos and end his reign once and for all? Or will she fall as all the other Draven Witches before her? Blood Magic will take you on a mystical ride into alternate dimensions, the magical world of the Draven witches, and the supernatural creatures that would give their life to protect them.

My Thoughts:
When I received this book in return for a review from the author, Zoey Sweete it came to me in a PDF format and I was so excited to read it I dove right into it and we all know I love anything to do with vampires and witches. I was excited to read it because it didn't seem like it was going to be just another vampire book, it really peeked my interest when the main character was half vampire half witch.  I asked my self "how can this be, I was always under the belief that vamps and witches hated each other", and so I began my journey into The Draven Witch Series.

Rene has been sheltered for the past 20-years, living with the Mystic's, but with good reason, she is considered "the special one", the one the prophecies say she will be the one to defeat Damaskeos and finally restore her family's honor. Being half witch and half vampire, when she turns 21 she will be bitten and her vampire side will be awakened and give her powers beyond any of the Draven Witches, even her mother. So to keep her safe she has lived with on the Mystic Realm but now that she is close to her 21st birthday it is time for her to return to Earth and try to do what she wants the a normal life, impossible as when everytime she turns around she is being attacked even in her sleep she can't stop being attacked.

Things turn interesting when Rene meets her trainer, Devin, *drooling* things get too hot between them and Dad puts a stop to their training, Devin's replacement comes and the hotter then hell Tristian *drooling more*, and it gets even more interesting when William and Dante show up on the scene, *drooling even more*.  I can't say anymore I don't dare spoil it for you.

Starting the book, it didn't take long for it to suck me in and keep me there until I finished the very last page, all my instincts about this going to be a good book were right, but it just wasn't good it was FANTASTIC.  Zoey really set this series up with a huge bang.  Rene was a very strong character for me which I love, it really gets on my nerves when a main character is flighty, can't make up their mind or make a decision, or worse whiny to the point I want to put the book away for a bit, yes Rene does whine in some spots but wouldn't you if someone is trying to kill you in your sleep, your burdened with the responsibility of being the one to kill this so called unstoppable beast and you have 4 men who you have feelings for and just can't seem to decide which one to choose because you have feelings for them all and don't want to hurt any of them, and all you really want is just a normal average life, yup I'd certainly whine sometimes too, but Rene is also a no nonsense put her cards on the table, let's get the job done gal, and I loved that about her, but she was also soft, caring and very protective of her family and friends. Just an all around great main character.

If you like being on a roller coaster ride then start reading this book, it will take you on a massive emotional ride you won't soon forget.  A cast of incredible characters, plot and story executed beautifully.  When I read the pdf file I loved it, when Zoey sent me the revised autographed hard copy I read it again and loved it even more with the new changes that were made, you see the growth within the writing it was wonderful. The emotions I went through while reading were exactally what I like when reading a really great book.

If you are looking for an absolutely fantastic series this is the book you need to pick up and start reading, I can tell you it is one you will not be able to put down until your done.  I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did!! Enjoy everyone.

About the Author:

Zoey Sweete is a full time mother first and foremost to a beautiful four year old daughter, who is the inspiration in her life. When she’s not writing, she works as the Senior Executive Officer of Mystic Press and the Co-Owner of Spotlight Marketing and Public Relations. She is also a full time college student, working to obtain her bachelor degree in psychology and will specialize in addiction counseling.  She lives in Killeen Texas, with her fiancĂ©, and surrounds herself with a wonderful family.



  1. Wow, great review! I REALLY want to read this now. And I totally enjoyed the Q&A!! Thanks for sharing!!

    1. Thank you Paige, I hope you get a chance to read it, it's a fablulous series I'm reading book #2 as we speak and this one is soooooo good. I did have to update and remove the Q&A as Luna Sweete is no longer part of the book and the new revised version is now out and published so if you get a chance to purchase the book make sure you get the revised version. So awesome! Enjoy and I would love to hear your thoughts when your done! Thanks again Paige for commenting I love hearing from everyone!

  2. Hello how are you nat? I love your thoughts .. I love to read this book sent me this book to my email .. please .. in any format .. thank you very much