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The Paradox Series Review Book 2 Progeny of Innocence by Patti Roberts with Giveaway

Nine hundred years ago, I died... 

A little girl's world is turned upside down by a visitor,the Angel of Death. She finds herself trapped in a nightmare, consumed by her paralyzing loss and overwhelming grief. The haunting visions and untimely deaths of others are a constant reminder that life and death are only a heartbeat away. 

A journey crossing Two Worlds. One Ancient - One New. 

How do the heartbreaking visions experienced by a little girl fit into this Ancient World of Angels, Myth & Legend? 

Where lives are bound by blood - and nothing is as it seems. In a World where there are more questions than answers. This journey will leave you wanting and have you asking... Who, When, Where? 

Is your Guardian Angel From Heaven or Hell...?

You can see my review of the first book HERE

Two Worlds. One Ancient... still reeling from the ravages of War. A World where powerful Beings from Ancient Civilizations still rule. A Realm Where Gods, Angels, Myths and Magic still exists. And a New World... 

And somewhere trapped in between these two worlds, is Grace. A young girl searching for answers, happiness, love.... 

So when the charismatic Damon Draco begins to take an interest in her, it doesn’t take long before Grace falls for his alluring charm. A charm she doesn't quite understand. 

However, when Riley Rivers turns up in Grace's class one day, she starts to question the feelings she has for Damon. 

Then death comes knocking... again... and when three of Grace’s school friends are found burned to death, and their parents die in a fatal car accident that same weekend, some start to wonder if it really was just a coincidence, or a contrived plan to wipe out an entire family? 

And if so, why, and by whom? And more importantly, will evil strike again? 

You can bet your soul on it!

My Thoughts:

I am absolutely over the moon excited to be sharing my review for this new book in Patti's series Paradox The Angels Are Here.  Paradox: Progeny of Innocence is probably the best book to start off your New Year with I kid you not.  If you read my review for the first book you will know how much I loved it, but, I love the second book even more and I know you will too.  

As the book opens we get a much more detailed and in depth feel for the evil Grigorians, the characters she has created are like nothing I have seen so far, for "The Bad Guys" characters even though they are evil, you just want to like them sometimes, Abandon is my favorite of them so far, I mean come on now who doesn't love a bad guy now and again and with his yellow eyes oh yummy yummy, he can look at me any day *blushing* and his brother Lord Cerberus who reins is very much oblivious to the fact that his own wife Pandora and his flesh and blood brother Abandon are in a scheme of their own together to get rid of Cerberus.  The fallen angels (Grigorians) are fighting at any cost against any that get in the way, against the Burgardians.

Every time I read another book from Patti her imagination amazes me and the worlds and characters she has created are one of the most original stories I have had the privilege to read, as she introduces new characters the story evolves, Temulun, a servant and Bakari, a guard in the royal house are trying to help Keyla a newcomer, to discover the heritage, an ancient race of people called the Bakhna Rakhna, and abilities she has  in hopes they can finally put an end to the Grigorians.  

As the story continues to the present time, we catch up with Grace, Angela, Wade *sighs* oh Wade, ahem excuse me all for drooling over Wade :)  Kate (Grace's Mom) and a few new friends have been introduced Joshua and Zach, and Damon.  So I have to stop there and tell you all, *giggles* Patti has honored me with being a character in her book, I am none other than Wade's *sigh* wife, yup I am the big handsome hunky yummy Aussie's wife, now if you go onto Patti's website she has pics there of possible actors if her books ever get turned into a movie, O...M...G I am one lucky wife if that's who she gets to play Wade *sighs while drooling* thank you Patti :) that was my birthday present, how rockin a birthday present was that to be named a character in such an awesome series of books. Yay Me!!! 

 Ok back to reality now, so we catch up with Grace who is now sixteen and in high school and just as I loved Grace in the first book, I love her even more now, Patti has left no question from book one left unanswered and if anything expanded with sheer brilliance and ability to bring us right into not only Grace's world and her life but that of the Grigorians and the Burgardians.  This book has left me breathless, really breathless, I waited so long to read this one, she has exceeded every expectation I had.  I felt like I was right there in the story, few books are able to do that to me, but this one did, I could smell, hear, feel what everyone was doing, the book drew me right into it, I felt like I was able to be with Grace while she was growing up, and watching her bond with Wade grow, and her friendship with Angela get stronger as well, it was nice to see her mom getting back on her feet, I know how that is, it was hard watching my mom get back to herself when my dad had passed away.

Angela as always is another one of my favorite characters, she is ultimately there to protect and watch over Grace but also has become Grace's best friend, Angela has no sense of humor, everything she does and says is very matter a fact, but the way she comes out with things she just cracks me up, and poor Joshua has such a MAJOR HUGE crush on Angela, I hope in the next book Angela will see how much he likes her. Now Damon, oh Damon I haven't still even after finished reading made up my mind about him yet, I like him but yet very suspicious of him still, he makes you want to like him though, so I think I'll stay on the fence with him for now, but I also liked Riley, oh Riley I almost forgot about him, a new character as well, comes in as the pizza delivery guy, Riley he's a cutie and also likes Grace, wow Grace is having lots of boy issues in this one ;), but I would have to say one more character that I really did like a lot and one I hope I will see more of in the next book is Abe, Grace is babysitting one night and Abe is a little eight year-old dynamo, man he's got her back and then some he's just a little firecracker I just loved that kid, I can't say anymore than that or I'll give some stuff away. I had everything around me in my own surroundings tuned out and all I could hear was what the book was describing.  Patti's talent how she describes everyone and everything is nothing short of amazing.  

Now I can't go on too much more else I spoil this long awaited book for you, and I hate spoilers so I'm not going to go on too much more. I will only say this much more, this is a MUST READ and it's a huge honor for me to be able to review this amazing book for Patti.  Patti and I met almost one year ago when she asked me not long after I started my blog to read and review her first book of the series, from that our friendship was born and has grown over this year, I not only recommend this book because she is a dear and wonderful friend, but I recommend this book because she is a talented Author who has done an incredible job creating a world and Beings I have come to love reading about and I can't wait for the next book to come out, I really hope she is writing very fast so I don't go into withdrawals lol. I hope you all enjoy this book as much as I did!!!  Enjoy everyone!!  There will be a giveaway to follow in the next day or so.....stay tuned!

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