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Post review(s) or buy a copy of Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and/or California Caress by 2/29/12.

1st Place Winner gets their digital back-list of Rebecca Sinclair books completed* PLUS s/he gets to help Rebecca decide which one back-list book will be digitally published next. As a Bonus Prize, you will also receive a review acknowledgment in said book when it is published, (This is great exposure for your or your blog/website/whatever!)  and you will also receive a $50 Amazon or Book Depository gift card
. Open internationally.

2nd Place Winner gets their choice of whichever digital titles of Rebecca's they haven't purchased yet.*  and as a Bonus Prize you will also receive a $25 Amazon or Book Depository gift card . Open internationally.

Please email with the purchase information and/or review information to be eligible to win one of the above prizes.
If you need a review copy, please email with your request and website information.

Winners will be chosen by on 3/1/12.

*Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and California Caress only. Murphy's Law optional.


First of all, thanks for taking the time to review one of Rebecca's books and for entering this great contest.

To avoid people abusing the privilege of review copies, here are the review guidelines for our book reviewers specifically for the Rebecca Sinclair Digital Choice contest.

1.   Must be a Book blogger with at least 100 followers and frequent traffic to their site. If you have under 100 followers, please email to and we will see if we can work something out.
2.   You have your choice to review Perfect Strangers, Montana Wildfire, and California Caress. One entry per book reviewed during the contest.
3.   Be willing to post our contest spiff on your blog and post your review at Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes and Noble or any other site you wish. Just email us the information.

Below is the book information for the above contest.

Amazon Links:
California Caress: (
Montana Wildfire:(
Perfect Strangers:(

Barnes & Noble Links:
California Caress:(
Montana Wildfire:(
Perfect Strangers:(


Please email receipt information for entry into contest to . One entry per book purchased.

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