Thursday, December 1, 2011

My Dearest Rose, by Jessie McClain

During the entire hour, my attention never left the attractive guy.  No matter how hard I tried to concentrate on something or someone else.  Anyone else.  My eyes always found their way back to his.  There was something so familiar about him though I know I've never seen him before.  I would have remembered.  I realized that this is the first time I actually paid any attention to any other male since Charlie died.  It made me feel kind of uncomfortable and a little guilty.  I couldn't help it though. Should I feel this way?  It was very hard to do what I've been doing the past four years.  Trying to remember, trying to forget.  Balancing myself so I don't fall to far off of one side or the other.

Living with the memory of her lost love, her alcoholic and abusive mother, and neurotic dad has left Iris with no more dreams, peace, or faith. Her only sense of joy comes from her younger brother whom she raises. Then she finds a spark of hope that maybe things can change when she meets the mysterious, yet familiar looking roamer, Jason.  Can she deal with her past so she can embrace the present?

My Thoughts:

When reading the blurb for this book, first thing that comes to mind is it's going to be a nice love story with a little bit of drama from her family and a happy ending, a typical romance book.  Well I am here tonight to tell you, this is not your typical romance novel, this book is pack right from the very first chapter and keeps you turning the pages until you close the back cover.  I enjoyed this book so so so much, Jessie wove a tail that is romantic, suspenseful, heartbreaking at times, funny, endearing, and warm.

Iris has not had a normal life, you want to say her parents are dead beats but I really came to like Iris's dad quite a bit, I don't think he was a dead beat as much as he felt defeated as his wife is an alcoholic.  Now Iris's mom, nope didn't like her at all, in fact she made me quite mad throughout the story, but at the end of the book, she made an attempt at trying to redeem herself for the things she did to Iris. Iris tragically lost the one person who truly loved her, Charlie, and even years after his death Iris can not seem to put her life back together, until she is at the coffeehouse one night singing and meets a mysterious man she cannot seem to stop staring at.  At this chance meeting with this man, this starts the story of a true love at first sight.

I liked Iris's character, she is strong, hard working, stops at nothing to take care of her brother Danny who has called her Mommy since he could talk, because his own mother wanted nothing to do with him, Iris is sweet and caring and would do anything for those she loves, even her mother who doesn't want to seem to love her.  As you follow Iris and Jason, twists and turns will come up and make you just gasp and say to yourself, "OMG, I don't believe that just happened"  Its a novel you just can't put down until the last page is read.  The story flows extremely well and the characters Jessie has created are amazing, I really fell in love with them all, (well not her mom).

My Dearest Rose is really a must read, it's not your average romance novel and you will be very glad you decided to read it.  I can't wait to read the second and third in this series.  I hope you all enjoy this wonderful book as much as I did!!!  Enjoy everyone!!!!


  1. Natalie! I haven't talked to you in ages!!!

    I am definitely intrigued by the cover, and certainly more intrigued by the story (can't resist some romance, :P) Great review! It made me wanted to read it myself!


  2. Hi Natalie! I posted a new blog and thought that I would drop in and see how you are! Have a beautiful day hon:)