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Young Writers' Society of Nova Scotia Canada

I have to tell you about this society I happened upon, and I'am so happy I did stumble upon it.  I was watching the new one night at supper time and saw this piece that I only caught the last minute or so of and didn't catch all the information I needed. So a few days later I had posted on my facebook that I'am going to attempt to write my own book!!  A very good friend of mine commented that her daughter just wrote her own book with the Young Writers' Society of Nova Scotia, well I was so happy to hear her say that, it was exactally the piece I was watching on the news the other night and couldn't get all the info I needed.  So, my friend put me in contact with the founder and Executive Director of the Society.

It turns out she only is a hop, skip and a jump away from where I live, she we contacted each other and met for coffee.  I can't tell you how excited I was to meet Carolyn Hockley, she is the nicest person, funny, smart and has such a passion for writing and helping the kids in her club with their writing, it's a true passion like I have never seen, it's all about them, she has even turned her basement into their clubhouse, you should see the paintings and murals she has done to help the creative juices flow.  

So I am here today to promote and ask that you all go and visit her main website to learn more and help support by purchasing one of these amazing books from this absolutely fantastic society and the amazing work Carolyn does with and for these kids, she is a true champion, not enough is done I find these days to encourage kids to take their writing seriously and coach them, help them, this is such an important society that she has going here, hats off to her and thank you Carolyn for caring!!!

Carolyn has been so kind to me and has given me some of the books by a few of the kids in her club, so over the next few weeks you will see reviews from them on my blog, I hope you will all help me in promoting and supporting Carolyn and her society, so we can get the word out so she can help as many new young authors as possible, too many kids hide their work because they don't think adults will take them seriously, and Carolyn helps them and encourages them to follow their dream.   Thank you everyone!!! 

Young Writers’ Society of Nova Scotia                           (902) 452-3310 

The Young Writers’ Society of Nova Scotia (YWSNS) is a new endeavor initiated to support the many talented, young writers across our province. Like many people in Nova Scotia, the volunteer board members believe creative writing plays a crucial role in the literary development of our youth today.

The YWSNS is now open to youth between the ages of 10-17.  The society offers guidance to all writers whether they enjoy poetry, short stories, songs, plays, magazine articles or books.  The society has the following programs and plans on its agenda: weekly book writing workshops, links to writing contests, weekend writing contests, website events, a writing rewards program, a book store with the completed works of local young writers, a resource library and a casual, creative environment to write in.  The finished works of the young writers will eventually be printed, displayed and for sale in numerous locations across Nova Scotia.  All writers will receive a portion of the sales of their works which will be placed in an RESP for their future education.

Integrating social media with its programs and workshops, the YWSNS will be a hands-on organization where the writers will, in many cases, take the lead.  A Teen Committee will spearhead many exciting initiatives across the province.
Literacy is vital to the growth and success of our young people.  There are many ways for you to help young writers in Nova Scotia celebrate the power of their written words.

Behind every word is a writer. Please pass this flyer along to young writers you know!

So, what will you get in return for your yearly membership fee of $25?
1.  Access to writing professionals across Nova Scotia.
2.  Bi-monthly emails informing you of contests, workshops, writing tips, advice on website searches, skills advice, and more...
3.  Writing Rewards points for participating in writing activities/contest.
4.  Link to Online Classroom writing sessions.
5.  Discounts on workshops and writing events.
6.  Access to the Teen Committee so your writing can get recognized both in print and online.

Carolyn Hockley

Born in Halifax, Nova Scotia in 1966, Carolyn began writing at the age of 10.  She attributes her love of the written word to her grandmother Winifred G. Hockley, who often encouraged her to write poems and short stories.  A graduate of Acadia University, NS (BA English) and of Humber College, Ontario (Public Relations), Carolyn has many years of writing experience.

Carolyn has two children; a son and a daughter; whom she has raised on her own for the past eight years.  Everyday life of single parenthood led her to the decision to open her own business in 2007:  Miz Biz Creative Clubhouse for Kidz.  Determined to bring a little extra fun and adventure to the lives of young children (including her own), she opened her home to enthusiastic young writers, dancers, chefs and musicians between the ages of 7-13 years.  The book writing aspect of her business soon moved to the opportunity to visit the Clubhouse once a week during the school year.  The children wrote and illustrated their own chapter books and novels.  As young authors, the children experienced many wonderful events such as book readings, book sales, local radio and television interviews, and, best of all, a sense of pride in their accomplishments. 

Carolyn is now the founder and Executive Director of the Young Writers' Society of Nova Scotia (YWSNS), a non-profit organization dedicated to providing guidance, coaching, resources and creative writing fun for young people between the ages of 10-17 across Nova Scotia.  In addition to founding the YWSNS, Carolyn has spent the past two years writing Y/A fiction-fantasy novels.  A group of her young writers and avid readers have coached her writing along the way.  Carolyn has enjoyed the past few years being a positive role model in the communities of Cole Harbour and Dartmouth.  

Here is the list of the books the young writers have out for sale so far.

1.       Harcon:  The Two Planets
2.       Earth:  Attack of the Antikons
3.       Project One
4.      Project Two:  Boardgames
5.     Fairy Guardians:  Book 1
6.    Fairy Guardians:  Book 2
7.    Fairy Guardians:  Book 3
8.    The Lat Hearthryn
9.    Curse on Taliwesta:  Book 1
10.  Mystery of Mola :  Book 2
11.  Gwendalian's Search for the Truth
12.  Star Spirit:  Book 1
13.  Refira:  Book 2
14.  Phantom of Distortion:  Book 3
15.  Persona:  Book 4
16.  Abigail's Adventure
17.  Genetic Cover-up
18.  Apples & Dinoraffes
19.  Paradise Mountain:  Saving the Fairians
20.  Paradise Haven:  Saving the Seamaidens
21.  Reactive Recipe
22.  Tales of Aron
23.  The Skye's The Limit
24.  Soccer to the Extreme
25.  The Part of Me I Never Knew
26.  The Rediscovered:  Book 1
27.  The Revealed:  Book 2
28.  Trapped in Travel
29.  Catnip Lane
30.  Desert Lagoon
31.  Skyrael
32.  Oatmeal
33.  MissFortune
34.  Kayo
35.  Kayo:
36.  Camp Wild Dreams
37.  Imagining Reality:  Ariella and the Professor
38.  February Air
39.  Pretend
40.  Stuck on Mars
41.  Countries & Cousins:  Sequel to Apples & Dinoraffes
42.  The Truth Lies
43.  All Demons Rise:  Sequel
44.  The Mind Artist:  Book 1
45.  Page 13:  Sequel to The Mind Artist
46.  Water :Lilly
47.  Mystical Island
48.  The Quest of the Stolen Sapphire
49.  The Wastes
50.  Dinoraffes & Dogs:  Book 3 in Apples & Dinoraffes series
51.  The Midnight Realm
52.  Green Bin Nation ( Carolyn's Book)

If you would like to purchase one of these books please visit The Young Writers' Society's Website.  


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