Thursday, November 10, 2011


Hi Everyone,
Well I am in total Internet HELL, my email account has been hacked and I have lost absolutely everything, my contacts, I had over 1000 emails with ebooks attached to them with the covers, blurbs and dates of up coming reviews that are due.  I know have no idea when my reviews are due, they even wiped out my calendar.
I am totally lost, it's a nightmare for me right now.  They even got my facebook account, now I did manage to gain back control of that but I cant access it for 24 hours, so hopefully when I get there everything will be okay.

I am here to ask a favor from all of you, I have my new email address that I will be posting here, I am asking and pleading if you all could please email me as I have lost ALL of my contacts, if you could please email me so I can start adding back my contacts and gather my dates for my upcoming reviews.  If I miss any please please forgive me and email me so I can post it right away, the last thing I want to do is let down anyone, and I am working very hard to get everything sorted out.

Thank you to everyone for your help at this very stressful time right now for me. I am so blessed to have you all as my friends.  :)
or   (new email)
I had to add the new gmail account as blogger would not let me take away the old hacked email addy, so you can get me at either account. Thanks again. 


  1. I wouldn't have been in your contacts, but this is horrible. I had a problem with Twitter once and thought I would die. My friends were getting spams from me! I hope all is well for you soon. I know that this has to be so stressful.

  2. Aww, Nat so horrible. I am emailing you.

  3. @roro, I hope so to, they have cause so much grief for me, thank you for your support. :)

    @firealarmbookreviews, oh they got my twitter and my facebook, I got control back for those but had to totally shut down my other email addy, I lost all my contacts over a 1000, ebooks, files, my resumes its been horrible getting things back, thank you so much for your support and good wishes sweetie :) they are much appreciated.

    @Wicked Leanore, oh Im so happy to see you back here I have been in such a panic, not sure what to do and how to get everyone's contact info back. I got your email thank you so much for contacting me Leanore. :)

  4. I was a recipient of a bizarre email from you, but I knew it wasn't you. I have emailed you at your new email address with the conversations we had prior to this horrible incident.

    (Author) Georgia Cates

  5. This exact same thing happened to me! Really frustrating and annoying. Luckily though they didn't get my FB so I was able to post that my email was hacked. Anyway, nice blog and I look forward to reading about more books here. :)

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  7. @scribeswindow, your right it is really frustrating, I just wish they hadn't gotten so much of my stuff, it's making it really tough to get back, thanks for your support and I'm so happy to have you here and am looking forward to chatting with you soon. :)

    @Josh Healy, thank you so much I will do that for sure, thank you for the invite Josh looking forward to it. :)