Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Review: Bloodletter by Angel Haze

BloodletterThou shalt not kill.A contradictory message written in blood at the scene of a young woman's murder. Within days, another body surfaces with a similar calling card and, to Detective Ramon Faust and Criminalist Kelly Garret, it's clear a deadly game is underfoot.

As the rash of horrific crimes continue, a phone call unearths a shocking revelation: Nakeita isn't the first city the elusive killer has left his mark. The Bloodletter, as dubbed by the media, has played his deadly game before.

Delving deep into the most terrifying case of Kelly's career, threatening phone calls and flashbacks of a forgotten near-death experience challenge her sanity and the lives of everyone she loves.

My Thoughts: 

Well first off I have to say if you ever wanted to know the Ten Commandments, when you are done this book you absolutely will. Now weither or not you believe in them or not is your choice, but after reading Bloodletter I think you will find yourself wanting to follow them more if you don't already. Espicially if you believe even just a little bit in the Grim Reaper.

Kelly Garret is a criminalist and the daughter of a retired Chief of Police. I really liked Kelly's character, she is a stronger well put together lady, she is pretty, loves her job, has some great friends, and her gourgeous fiance just gave her a beautiful diamond ring. On a daily basis Kelly's job has her trying to get inside the minds of the criminals most wanted in her city.  Until she one case sets him/her apart from the rest of the worst criminals she has thought she has already seen.  This is by far anything more horrific and gruesome than she has seen so far in her career. Now it is up to Kelly and her team to try to figure out who or what is commiting these bloody and very brutal murders, and try to piece together the clues left behind by a rutheless killer.  Not only does Kelly have to try to figure out who/what is the killer, when the distrubing phone calls start, the killer tells her she is being watched and she needs to be careful.

I can't tell you anymore without giving spoilers and this is such a great book I don't want to do that. All will be revealed when you read it and yes this book is a total must read.  I have to say I don't usually go outside of my comfort zone when it comes to a good murder mystery, I usually like to read Dean Koontz or Stephen King and even a good John Saul at times, but lately I have been stepping outside and expanding my reading areas and I am sooooo glad I have or I wouldn't have had the chance to read Bloodletter.

If you like chills running down your spine, well lock your windows and doors before sitting down to read this one, because it's gonna scare the hell out of ya!!! Oh and turn on the lights too, I didn't and my black cat came around the corner and well I almost *#$@ my pants LOL. This book will give you the creeps like no other I have read for awhile. Just when you think you have it all figured out, no way you don't, Angel throws twists and turns at you at every turn of the corner, and if you thought you have the killer figured really don't.

I would like to thank Angel for allowing me to read Bloodletter in exchange for my review, I cannot thank you enough Angel this is a book I will recommend to all. I hope you all will pick up your copy......if your brave enough Muahhhh.

Now Angel is allowing me to giveaway a copy of her book Bloodletter an ebook, so for one of you brave souls enter now for your chance to have the Bjesus scared out of you. Are you brave enough????????


  1. hi Nattie! i love the way you hinted at this book being scary yet an enjoyable read! i have a copy already which i won from Angel's giveaway. now you're making me pull this up out of my TBR!lol! thanks for sharing your thoughts! c",)

  2. Thanks Natalie for the amazing review!! I'm glad you loved it! I'm revising the second one right now so get ready for more! It should be ready by the end of summer.


    Thanks again!!

  3. Oh, I love a good scary story! I, too, love Koontz and Saul and King. I'd love to read this one, so please enter me in the draw! It sounds great!!

    My email address is darlenesbooknook at gmail dot com.

    Thanks for the giveaway!

  4. Hi "C, oh yes you have to pull this one up and read it, its an awesome book, scared the crap out of me lol.

  5. You are most welcome Angel, thank you for allowing me to read it, and thank you for writing it, oh a second on, man I don't know if my nerves will handle another one, but lol I am a sucker for punishment lol can't wait. :)

  6. Hi Darlene,
    You are entered, good luck, it's a great book but don't turn out the lights when you get a chance to read it, I did...big mistake lol.

  7. Wow you make is sound interesting!! I never watch scary movies but books I'm usually good with!! You have me all intrigued!! :) I am a huge Stephen King fan so I think this is going on my tbr list!!
    Shannon Johnson

  8. this looks titallating:)

    >>>>wants this book:)

    Heather aka Earth

  9. Hi sister Shannon,
    Thanks it was very interesting, it scared the crap out of me lol and books don't usually do that to me, I am a huge Stephen King fan myself but this was an awesome book. I think you will like it.

    @ sister Heather, lol ok you are entered Heather :)

  10. Darlene, Shannon, and Heather, thanks for entering!

    Nattie, if you're a sucker for punishment, the second one should be out the end of Sept or Oct. Mwahahahahaha!!!

    By the way, I grew up reading Dean Koontz, John Saul, Stephen King and Tess Gerritsen so you can see where my inspiration came from!!

    I'm sorry I ALMOST scared the crap out of time I will try harder. ;)

  11. Oooh, I love the cover of it! And you gave the best review nattie! This is a book that should be out in the stores quick! XD

  12. I enjoyed your review very much! You know what this book reminds me of? Lightning by Ed McBain (That's a good thing btw-I LOVED that book) Count me in!