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Review and Giveaway: Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch

Legacies of Talimura: War of the Witch

Synopsis provided by Goodreads

Debonair, a witch from the Unspoken Lands, has meddled in the forbidden practice of magic and created an army of nightmarish proportions. When sixteen-year-old Astanyx and his two best friends return from a hunting trip to find their small town of Polca reduced to smoke and ash, they find themselves thrust into a battle for which they haven't been trained.

With the help of his comrades, including an esteemed warrior, one of the last great wizards and a princess they've sworn to protect, Astanyx must fight to unite the kingdoms of the humans, dwarves and elves. He must ask forbidden questions that no one wants to answer, questions about Talimura's dark history. As Debonair's brutal warriors lay siege to the kingdoms, Astanyx is driven to pursue a fateful quest for a blade powerful enough to defeat the malevolent witch before she destroys the three kingdoms and unleashes an unspeakable ancient evil.

My Thoughts:

Ok, I have to say right off the top, I can't go into a lot of detail with this book as I would divulge way to much of this incredible book, and if there is one thing I hate is spoilers.  It ruins it for the next person and leaves nothing to the imagination, and for this fantastic book you need your imagination.   

Angels attention to detail is incredible, by far some of the most detailed writing I love to read, her descriptions of the ongoing battle made me feel like I was right there, feeling the fear, defeat, unspeakable ancient evil and the victories as they are won.  I could almost imagine the creatures she has created from the Orc's, hallfangs, gnomes, dwarves and the Dragons, love the Dragons, and the one woman that is creating all this havoc a Witch, Debonair, who has created an army of not only the Orc's, and many others but has also raised the dead to help build her army and make it indestructible.....nasty eh!!

Astanyx and his two best friends have had their whole village and family destroyed by Debonair and her army of monsters, as his fathers last dying wish, they set out to Windhan to warn King Azores, there he pledges to stay and fight for him, there he meets the Princess Luccia, now the Princess is not your average Princess, nope she can fight with the best of soldiers, against her fathers wishes, and she will not go down without a fight and fight she will. 

I love the characters Angel has created, some of whom have their own story to tell, Crypt's story is nothing short of amazing, and Barrett who has my heart, Soaren, Ramza, Kapella, Elric, Locke to name a few more of the characters, so in saying this I will finish as I really don't want to ruin the story for anyone, it is a great story told and you really have to read it and experience it for yourself.  

I want to thank Angel for once again allowing me to read her wonderful book, I recommend this book to all, it is a great book and I hope you all enjoy it as much as I did.  

Angel has given me a ebook copy of Legacies of Talimura:  War of the Witch to giveaway to one lucky person, so please leave me a comment and you must be a follower of my blog to enter, also leave me your email address so I can contact you when you win.  Thank you everyone for entering!!!!


  1. Great review !! Ive added this to my tbr pile ;) btw love the blog colours !!!!!

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  2. sounds like a great book and I hate spoilers too!!!

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  10. What a great review! I have heard great things about this book and i cant wait to read it!! :)

  11. Wow, this has once again perked up my interest! Great review nattie!

  12. Thanks guys! I love this series and I hope you will too! I'm currently working on the next two and outlining several more. This series has so many possibilities. It excites me just thinking about it!

    Good luck to all of you!

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  13. Thanks for the giveaway! Nothing I hate more than spoiler, so thank you :)