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Natshane's Review

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I have great news today, two of my friends have graciously accepted to Guest Blog for me, these ladies belong to Goodreads website as well and I really enjoy reading their reviews.  So I am proud to introduce Cambria and Natshane, you will see their posts from time to time and I invite everyone to stop by and leave a comment. 

Bio for Natshane:  
Hello there, I'm Natasha and I'm 16 going on 17 (yup, counting down the days). Reading has been my favourite pastime and books are my guilty pleasure (yes, because I'm supposed to be studying). And I'm seriously addicted to YA series, romance, and fiction. Plus, I harboured an obsession towards Hot Fictional Guys, haha. Reading books has been my hobby for a very long time now but I also developed a passion in writing, in fact, I wrote stories (unfortunately, non was completed) and poems, and now, I find myself being interested in giving reviews as well! Besides that, I'm a big softy for romance and I cry easily, hell, I'm always an emotional clown! I do crazy things when I'm emotional, like banging my head, hitting my brother, etc...:P Nevertheless, when I curl up with a good book, I need peace, quiet, but ironically, I need music too! LOL.

BloodLust - Vampire Beach series Book 1 by Alex Duval

Vampire Beach by Alex Duval | A-LIST BITES.
Jason Freeman is stoked when his family relocates to exclusive DeVere Heights, Malibu. The in-crowd at his posh new high school is surprisingly friendly -- soon Jason's hitting all the best parties. He even meets the token hot-but-unattainable girl. 

Determined to enjoy his almost postcard-perfect new life, Jason tries hard to ignore the many strange things going down in DeVere Heights. But then a girl washes up dead the morning after one off-the-hook party -- and with no explanation but a suspicious-looking bite mark. Now Jason has to admit that what you don't want to know can hurt you.
I liked this book, although it sure took me a long time to get to the good part, but I find myself engrossed in the world of Vampires of Paradise.

Vampire Beach is a catchy name, and considering the characters are extremely wealthy and spohisticated, they should be called Vampire Brats, haha.

Nevertheless, I give this book a four because:

1. Unlike any other vampire romance I've read about, the protagonist is actually a boy! And I rarely read a story through the eyes of a human boy character, especially in a vampire book. Jason Freeman is definitely a refreshing change. I always read about girls describing how beautiful vampires are, and to read it from a guy's POV, I never knew boys could be so girly too, haha...

2. The vampires book I've read, they rarely describe the process where the protagonist discovers the existence of vampires, normally it would be like an incident + vampires appear = Wow, there are vampires in this town! But in Vampire Beach, I read about NORMAL vampires that goes to school, talked like normal human, eat like normal human, joined sports! and they are not loners. In fact, they are the popular crowd because they are wealthy. Seemed like the normal spoilt brats in school, who knew they harboured such a dark secret right?

3. I like the new traits that was introduced in this series!
- The vampires could tone down their appearance, or even changing it, just to blend in.
-The vampires could expand and contract their muscles as they wish!
-The vampires doesn't have that crazy craze for bloodlust but it's forbidden if they give in into it.
-They can basically die in the same ways as humans.
-And yes, they do still possess the typical vampire powers : fast, strong, cool (:P)

I wouldn't say that this book is bad, but it's not as attractive as the other vampire books, BUT! I would still read the second one, and the next, and the next, because I'm finding myself falling in love with Paradise. 
Review written by
Natasha Anne


  1. I liked this series quite a bit - I think maybe because the family is from Michigan (as am I). I also like the author's writing - it's easy to read, humorous and interesting. I've read them all except the very last story (Hunted) just because I can't get my hands on it!

    Good reading ~ Escape by Fiction :)

  2. hi Nattie! great review. i love the fact that you pointed out that the main character is a teenage male vampire! that certainly sounds interesting. your comment "I never knew boys could be so girly too" made me laugh! oh yes boys can do that sometimes lol. c",)

  3. Hi, thanks for the great comments, Natshane did a great review, I have added it to my wishlist to read :)

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    hope to see you there.! :D

  6. Hey Natty, great review. It's cool when somebody twists the vampire story a bit. It always bugs me when vampires are completely AMAZING!