Sunday, June 12, 2011

Guest Bloggers

Hello Everyone,
I have great news today, two of my friends have graciously accepted to Guest Blog for me, these ladies belong to Goodreads website as well and I really enjoy reading their reviews.  So I am proud to introduce Cambria and Natshane, you will see their posts from time to time and I invite everyone to stop by and leave a comment.

Bio for Cambria:

I am a writer, reviewer and a mother of two. I am totally addicted to Starbucks (I'll take a latte!) and I can barely operate my computer. I am obsessed with werewolves and I have an irrational fear of chickens (ewww, gross!). My favorite place to go is Barnes and Nobles and one day I hope to see my book grace their shelves. 

Review for Dirty Blood:


Title: Dirty Blood Author: Heather Hildenbrand 
Format: Paperback, E-Book
ISBN: 1461065712
Published: April 2011 by Accendo Press          

Tara is a typical teenager making her way through high school, dealing with a not so nice girl and coming to terms with the fact that the guy she’s dating isn’t the guy meant for her. Her father died when she was a toddler, and she lives with her mother who practically smothers her with over-protectiveness.
While on a date with the guy who’s better off her friend, she decides she’s had enough of his football playing, no date showing, agent having ways. She tells him exactly what she thinks of him and then tells him to hit the road. Too bad that left her without a ride.
On her way to the bus stop she passes an alley where she finds a girl she thinks might need her help. When she gets closer the girl completely morphs into a snarling werewolf and attacks. Tara surprises herself by fighting back-and winning.
Once the shock wears off she finds herself looking down at the body of a dead girl-no longer a wolf. What just happened, and where does she go from here? A mysterious boy shows up and offers her answers and a ride. Little does Tara know that the minute she accepts his help her life will change forever.

I feel it is only fair to disclose that I am a werewolf loving woman. That’s right, I’m obsessed. When there’s a full moon I run out into my dark yard and wait for a furry hottie to come get me. Sadly, he hasn’t arrived yet, but when he does…I’ll be waiting.
Now that you know about my little obsession we can continue.
I consider myself a werewolf connoisseur (hey, if people who love wine can be wine connoisseurs then I can be one of werewolves). There are some very strict guidelines that one must follow when writing a werewolf book. What are said guidelines? That’s for another time, people. I can tell you that Heather Hildenbrand followed these rules very well.
Dirty Blood has a really great plot. It was simple yet complex. There were layers to the story that unfolded as you read. When I got to the middle of the book I could not put it down, I was hooked. It is not your run of the mill werewolf story, but it still held firm to all the things we love about werewolves. What are those things you ask? I’ll tell you. One: they are badass fighters. Two: They can kill you-but won’t unless you deserve it. Three: deep down they are big puppy dogs. Four: They run in packs. Five: They like to eat meat. Now of course, there are exceptions…some werewolves are not very nice at all. This book has those guys too. Which, in my opinion, makes the good werewolves look even better.
Tara was a great character. She was strong and independent and never backed down from what she wanted. Curve balls came at her, and she faced them head on-even when everyone else tried to make her duck. She even stood up to those she loved when she thought they weren’t treating her the way she deserved. But you know what else? She was really likable. She had a good head on her shoulders, and she was nice.
Now, let’s discuss my favorite character in the book: Wes. This was one hottie of a werewolf. He was stubborn, pig-headed, over-bearing and his emotions ran hot and cold. What’s not to love? He needed a strong woman to tell him how it is. Too bad that Tara was up to the task cause I would volunteer for that job any day. Did I mention that he was hot? And that he drove a cool car? But seriously, he was a really well developed character, his life had not been easy and instead of being angry and hateful he was driven and focused. He had a sense of duty and honor that he adhered to even when that meant that he couldn’t have what he wanted.
The ending was satisfying, but still left enough for you to anticipate the next book, Cold Blood. And I am anticipating it. I can’t wait to read it. Also I would like to add, that the book was put together really well. At the back of the book you are given an excerpt and a short story to read. It was a nice bonus in the back of an already good book.
And let me also disclose that the second book will be having a character by the name of Cambria. That’s right, it’s me. I won the grand prize in a blog contest and now the author will be using my name in the second book. Very appropriate wouldn’t you say? Maybe just maybe….this girl might finally get her werewolf after all…..

Review is written by Cambria Hebert


  1. What a great review! I totally see why you love Cambria! I love that she loves Starbucks (me too!)

    I'm a new follower from Book Blogs, such a pleasure to meet you and visit your Royal (purple) blog :-)

  2. Hi Stacey, Glad to have you with us, Cambria is an absolute lovely lady and Im glad I got her before everyone else figured out how wonderful she is and gets to many people wanting her time. :) I love purple, obsessed really lol. Thanks for you kind comments, please visit often Stacey. :)

  3. Hi Stacey, Cambria had a hard time replying so I am posting this on her behalf.

    Hi Stacey! I am so glad that you enjoyed my review! It was really fun to write. Any girl who loves Starbucks is a friend of mine! What's your favorite coffee to get? Mine is a caramel machiatto (I get it made skinny). :)
    I am so glad that you are following the blog! It's such a fun place to be. I look forward to seeing you around again!
    p.s. Next week my review for Intertwined (by Gena Showalter) will be up so please check back for that!