Thursday, March 15, 2012

New Release, review and giveaway!!

Arazi Crossing Book One: Quinn’s Evolution
Carolyn Hockley

The Royals are dying and Evil is poised to conquer the Earth.  The time has come; evolutions are in order.  Five teens from five continents receive the same gift at the same time.  Each gift giver is a special person in their lives, who will later reveal they are actually their Luminares…their guardians, sent by the Royals of Arazi Crossing to watch over them. 

 Traveling magically across time, the teens are brought together and their destiny unfolds. As their journey begins, each one has a quest to fulfill in order to become a full-blood Ace. If they succeed, they will take the place of the existing Royals who are dying quickly.  As the teens travel back in time to complete each quest, they must also come to terms with the sacrifices they have to make in order to become a Royal, an Ace, a sorcerer for Good; watching over and protecting all of humankind.

 Can they make the ultimate sacrifice and leave their families forever to join the fight in Good vs Evil?  Can each go back in time and complete their life-altering quest before the Royals expire? Quinn, April, Maya, Juina and Janus will have to work together to complete their quests to evolve into the next Royals of Arazi Crossing.

My Thoughts:
I have had the privilege to be able to read a very good friend of mine Carolyn Hockley's new book.  I was already excited before she asked to me to read it as she was describing it to me, now fantasy YA is not a usual genre for me to read but from her description I already had a deep desire to read it. So I agreed with the condition it might take me a bit as I had a couple other books to review first, with that said I laid the book down and started reading one of the others I had to get done.  Now I have the nasty little habit of smoking and the only place I'm allowed to smoke is in the back room lol, so when I went out to have a break I would read a page or two of Carolyn's book and come back in, I'd sit down go back to what I was doing and my mind started to stray thinking of her book, so I'd go again and read another page or two. Finally when I figured I just couldn't smoke anymore I decided to bring the book in and read the whole thing because really the book grabbed me right from the first chapter and wouldn't let go, I was thinking about it when I wasn't reading it, almost like it was calling me to pick it up again.
So once I brought the book into the house I was able to get comfortable and submerge myself into this wonderful book.  The story draws you right in from the first chapter and holds you there and doesn't let go until the very last page, and the cliffhanger at the end will surely leave you saying WTH really that's it, and the feeling you just can't wait for the second in the series. I absolutely love the cast of characters Carolyn has created, each of the teens I fell totally in love with, please don't ask me to pick a favorite because I just can't I love them all, they each have a quality you just can't help liking each of them, The Royals from Arazi Crossing are so sweet but I was sad knowing they are dying off one by one, another cast of characters you will fall in love with, but then there are the teens luminaries, their trainers, the ones who have been watching over them all their lives until it was time to reveal to them their true calling and purpose.  Each teens luminaries fit perfectly with them. 
I enjoyed how Carolyn gives us a background story on each teen and we get to travel the world to where they live and their families and what is special about each of them. Carolyn's description of their surroundings, families, friends, and what part of the world they are from makes you feel like your right there with them, her details of them traveling to Arazi Crossing and once there in that world, it's like I was there I could see what she was describing, and once Quinn started his quest I felt I was on that quest with all of them.
This was one incredible book from beginning to end, the plot was well planned out, the story was well executed, the characters all of them fit perfectly.  I have another author and good friend of mine Patti Roberts you probably remember her books Paradox-The Angels are Here, and when I started reading Carolyn's book it reminded me of Patti's books and the way she brought us into a world I never thought possible before.  I am honored to be the first to do a review for Carolyn's debut book, I know when everyone else finds out about this book you will all go nuts for it and I can see it being a huge hit.  I know you will all love it as much as I did, Enjoy!!!!

Now on to the giveaway, Yay!!! I love giveaways!!!  Thank you Carolyn for offering 2 ebook copies of your debut novel Arazi Crossing.  So here are the rules for this contest:
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Thats it folks, no big rules to follow I will keep this open until March 23 and will draw the 24/25th.  Good luck to everyone!


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